About our mail goals:

Our primary goal is to offer online business services (bookings, payments, shops, etc.) for those companies and organisations that do not currently have such facilities. We have created an online business system that is flexible and implementable on a variety of sites for a range of services.

The development of specific websites and web systems that offer the facility of clear interactive communications. We have developed a new web system of BLOROOM sites that represent a combination of a Blog and a Forum with many extra options and systems. We are also developing another system that will be of interest to all companies that wish to promote their website and online business.

Online Payment Services:

A secure and reliable system for online payments has been implemented on the site which offers all visitors the opportunity to complete online trade,  bookings and other online services in an easy and clear way. BritishDotCom Ltd has created an efficient and wholly secure system of online business for clients as well as buyers and other visitors to the website. In conjunction with the dBO Advertising Agency we are working on  making this system available to other sites enabling fast, secure and efficient online trade.

ONLINE STORE SYSTEM – Online business has become a required service for many companies: shops, payment systems, bookings, etc. Our company offers these services to all who are in need of a total and complete system for an online store in a clear and easily usable format.

BLOROOM WEB SYSTEM – Blog + Forum, along with many additional services offer a fast interactive and clear system of communication between users. Existing shortcomings in the current systems have been resolved by using the latest web development techniques.

ONLINE ADVERTISING – Modern and efficient online advertising on highly ranked and frequently visited sites. Advertising opportunities for internet commercials with viewable results (PPI – Pay per Impression, PPC – Pay per Click, Sponsors, etc.).

PUBLISHING – BritishDotCom Ltd 2012 start with a brand new service: distribution and publishing of digital books, magazines, guides, etc. In cooperation with dBO Advertising Agency and Visit Montenegro, we make great step in this busienss. You can find more information about Digital Publishing on our official BLOG


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The biggest step in our development is Digital Publishing. Until now, we publish and distribute over 15 digital titles (in Apple and Amazon Kindle Book Stores), and some of them are already made huge success worldwide.
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