Even though in most countries online business has been long established, there are countries where this type of business is still not available (because of binding laws, banking systems, undeveloped internet infrastructure, etc.). It is for this reason that we have developed a clear and easy to use, secure and independent, online payment system. This business system allows all companies to take advantage of opportunities for new services and products and enter the international Internet marketplace. All payment services are handled through our private and secure online payment system located in the UK, thus eliminating any danger of abuse and other forms of misuse.


The merger between Blogs and Forums with its additional options has created an opportunity for fast and efficient interactions between users.  The system was developed by using the most modern web development tools and programmes available. It is easy to operate for users at all knowledge levels. The BLOROOM system can be used for any topic or subject that is based on interaction between large or small groups of users.


Our company is an official representative of dBO Advertising Agency and offers a modern and efficient way of Internet marketing and advertising. We offer classic advertisements, such as banners and other modern forms of online marketing. All clients have access to their orders for viewing their statistics.  The system is primarily based on PPI (Pay per Impression)  technology, but the use of PPC (Pay per Click) is also available as well as online promo actions, exclusive banners and other interesting options such as special features sponsorship,.


In cooperation with dBO Advertising Agency and Visit Montenegro, we start new internet busienss: distribution and publishing of digital books, digital magazines, digital guides, etc. This is big step in our company, and we strongly believe that for couple of years we will be very noticed in this field of business. We start with Amazon Kindle Book Store and Apple iBookstore, and we already have some of great digital guides, magazines and books online (in stores). More informatioon about this on our official BLOG


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Strategic Partners Our Strategic partners provide best service in their field of business. Read more ...


The biggest step in our development is Digital Publishing. Until now, we publish and distribute over 15 digital titles (in Apple and Amazon Kindle Book Stores), and some of them are already made huge success worldwide.
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There is no better way to advertise your product or service then Internet. Very affordable prices and huge impact. Also, we offer advertising in our digital books, guides and magazines. This is for sure one of the best ROI advertising methods. Read more ...