Welcome to Montenegro is the first digital magazine of Montenegro. Created and published by Visit Montenegro, this  piece of art is a great digital magazine for everyone who wants to discover this magnificent destination. From basic information about Montenegro to tourism and art, dine and wine … Welcome to Montenegro presents unique and useful information about Montenegro. This digital magazine is full of interactive elements too, videos, sound effects, photos, maps, …

This great digital magazine is available in Apple iBookStore: Welcome to Montenegro

Over 120 digital pages of pure Montenegro!

We present you the FIRST EVER digital interactive tourist guide for Montenegro. WELCOME TO MONTENEGRO is a modern and unique interactive digital guide – in magazine style, made by the Visit Montenegro team. Contents of the entire WELCOME TO MONTENEGRO guide is made in Montenegro. We are proud that we have such a great team of people who made this fantastic interactive guide.

This is a unique interactive digital guide about Montenegro made for people who plan to visit Montenegro, but also for everyone who wants to get some impressions about this amazing and unique country. Montenegro is one of the top world tourist destination (Montenegro is one of top 10 world travel destinations – Lonely Planet), and this book is here to show you and explain why Montenegro deserves that compliment.

We are sure that you will enjoy the magnificent photos, videos and other valuable information about Montenegro.
This book will bring you a wide range of information about Montenegro and describes many aspects: tourism, culture, nature, history, tradition, art, entertainment, travel diary, reviews, promotions, selections, city maps, road maps, tour maps, etc.

Interactive maps, photo galleries and amazing videos. Only in WELCOME TO MONTENEGRO can you find a selection of:

  • – 10 best hotels in Montenegro
  • – top 10 tourist destinations in Montenegro
  • – must visit places in Montenegro
  • – top Montenegro tours …

And that’s not all. WELCOME TO MONTENEGRO provides great online services like:

  • – Instant Online Booking with the best prices
  • – Online Rental Cars in cooperation with leading companies
  • – and much more …

Enjoy this beautiful and useful digital book by Visit Montenegro.

Available in Apple iBookStore

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